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Milojkovic & Perazic - Law office - About Us MILOJKOVIC & PERAZIC (M&P) is a Serbian law firm based in the center of Belgrade well reputated in consulting and acting for domestic and foreign companies. We provide legal services on all aspects of business law in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Specialist skills are drawn from a very strong network of commercial lawyers supported by law professors from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Top class Serbian legal education of our lawyers has influenced to good understanding of Serbian legal system standalone and in relation to foreign legal systems.

Our lawyers are specialising and have gained extensive experience in various fields of Serbian commercial law and company law, financial law and commercial litigarion law. Fields of expertise are included in the professional profiles of our lawyers.

Combining international orientation and knowledge of local market secure our clients good perspective in starting up the business in Republic of Serbia. Striving to the value, proffesionalism and team work guide us in order to provide high quality legal service.

Understanding the underlying economics of our clients transactions we deem essential, thus communication with our clients tends to be long-lasting, impactful and reliable.

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